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SecondSlice Experiences 80% Increase in Online Sales with A.I. Optify

At A.I. Optify, we run campaigns for B2B and B2C clients where our goal is to increase the client's sales or qualified leads volume. In this case study, we explain how we worked with SecondSlice Pizza since 2014 helping them increase their sales through online advertising.

SecondSlice Pizza


The client in this case study was a Pizza business with 3 stores in Victoria, BC. The business makes and distributes pizza at their stores. The SecondSlice also has delivery service where customers can call and order pizza to be delivered to their houses. Finally, customers can go to Second Slice Pizza website and order online.

Second Slice Pizza's Campaign Goal and Target Audiences

The SecondSlice already had their website setup back in August 2014 and also had a runnung search advertising campaign; however, they were not satisfied with their online ad buying performance and wanted to optimize their ad spend. So, they reached out to AI Optify for help.

SecondSlice wanted to target online buyers who are browsing web & are likely to order pizza. So, a paid search advertising campaign was a good choice for for this client. Basically, we can bid for relevant keywords (e.g. "order pizza") on different search engines and target online potential buyers that way.

AI Optify Ad Buying Startegies

When we started managing SecondSlice campaigns, we noticed that the client was not taking the full advantage of various optimization opportunities to scale their sales. More importantly, at that time they were not able to track online orders on their website (i.e. tracking online sales) and use that data to optimize their ad spend. So, first we setup the conversion tracking system for their campaigns.

Having the conversion tracking in place, we started collecting performance data for different keywords that we were bidding and could feed that data to our optimization algorithms to identify and pause non-performing keywords and shift/scale the ad budget spend towards the most-performing keywords with optimal CPA. So, over a few weeks we were able to collect sales data and use that to optimize their campaigns by:

  1. Pausing non-converting and expensive keywords.
  2. Identifying the most-converting keywords, locations, time schedules, and devices and shift the budget towards them.

Campaign Performance Results

Here, we are sharing the performance of one of the SecondSlice campaigns before we start optimizing their campaigns and after the optimization. The first table shows one of their campaign performance data for a one-month period before we start optimizing anything:

#Impressions #Clicks CTR CPC #Conversions CVR Cost/Conv
20,697 359 1.73% $1.35 NA NA NA

Next table highlights the performance of the client's same campaign for a one-month period after we setup the conversion tracking and started optimizing their spend:

#Impressions #Clicks CTR CPC #Conversions CVR Cost/Conv
15,646 437 2.79% $1.18 47 12% $9.98

After optimization phase, the campaign's CTR was increased by 60% and CPC was decresead by 12%. So, in summary our optimization services helped the SecondSlice increase their online sales by 80%.