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TalentClick Targets Enterprise U.S. Companies in Oil & Gas, Construction and Manufacturing

At A.I. Optify, we run online advertising campaigns for B2B clients to increase their online presence, brand awareness, and high-qualified leads generation.

TalentClick Business


The client in this case study, TalentClick, is a B2B company with a software product at the intersection of Safety and Human Resources. The company has an employee safety assessment technology called Safety Quotient giving employers the insight necessary to manage workers' "Higher-Risk" personality traits.

Campaign's Goal, Target Audiences, and Challenges

TalentClick has already clients in Oil/Gas and Construction industries in Canada, but they wanted to reach new markets in U.S. at scale. We have started working with their Marketing/Sales team to define and formualte the "high-qualified" leads for them. We got access to their CRM platform. So, we exported their existing customers, sales qualified leads, and marketing qualified leads list from their CRM database.

After importing the client first-party CRM data, we generated the firmographics of their CRM accounts such as company size, geo, industry etc. Next, we used our machine learning algorithms to train models to identify "high-qualified" leads. The output of the algorithm was a list of B2B segments ranked by a qualification score. The list was verified by TalentClick marketing diector. The following tables shows a few of B2B segments generated by the model:

Industry Geo Company Size
Oil & Gas TX 10,000+
Construction CA 250 - 2000
Chemicals LA 10,000+

Besides the attributes of the companies we needed to target, we also generated a list of job titles that we needed to target in those companies such as VP Safety, VP of HSE (Health & Safety Executive), Head of Safety, and Safety Director.

The main challenge was to precisely target safety decision-makers in companies with specific B2B attributes in different U.S. states.

Audience Targeting Strategies

We have used our ad buying technology to identify and target the right B2B audiences and show them our ads so that users go to the client's Landing Page to learn more about TalentClick safety product. We have used several staregies for targeting such as: 3rd-party B2B data providers, contextual targeting, whitelisting relevant publishers etc. You can read more about our targeting strategies here: B2B Audience Targeting.

Campaign Performance Highlights

While running the campaign, we also measured the visitors to client's Landing Pages using Act-On marketing platform. We did A/B testing to measure the impact of the display advertising campaign on the top of the funnel (i.e. awareness).

Our measurements showed that the campaign increased the number of visitors to TalentClick's website at least by 54%.

During the course of the campaign, we were also tracking the firmographics of visitor companies. Our analytics data showed that we had more than 30 enterprise companies from the United States visiting TalentClick's website. Some of the companies who visited the client's website are listed below:

Company Geo Industry Company Size
Halliburton Company Houston, TX Oil & Energy 10,000+ EE
Chevron Corporation Houston, TX Oil & Energy 10,000+ EE
Lennox International Inc Richardson, TX Manufacturing 10,000+ EE
Bechtel Crporation San Francisco, CA Construction 10,000+ EE


TalentClick's campaign lift was significant because we could target new prospects from large U.S. companies in Oil & Gas, Construction, and Manufacturing industries which TalentClick didn't have any previous interactions with and bring them to their website.